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Baš Čelik, or True Steel: A Serbian Folk Tale

Dive into this classic Serbian tale and meet the legendary villain Baš Čelik (Баш Челик), or True Steel. How does Čelik escape from the king’s prison… and with just water, no less!? How will the king’s son recover his princess, who, in all the confusion, is captured by Čelik? Believe it or not, the key to the ensuing battle may just be… magic feathers? Crazy! Listen in to find out the answers to all the above questions, and above all, to discover the secret to Čelik’s strength.

WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION: A beautiful work by Sidney Stanley, depicting the king’s youngest son wielding his sword against the three-headed dragon. Stanley illustrated the 1918 collection Serbian Fairy Tales, which includes the version of the story that is read in this episode.