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Pan Kotsky, Sirko and the Wolf, and The Cat and the Rooster: Ukrainian Folk Tales

Jump into these cherished Ukrainian fairy tales and meet Pan Kotsky, your friendly neighborhood cat, who, with his charming clumsiness and hunting instinct, manages to scare just about everyone! Crazy, right?! Hear about the heartwarming friendship of the dog Sirko and the Wolf, who always stand by each other, just as the best of friends do. And, meet another clever Ukrainian cat, one who always steps in to save her beloved rooster from harmand with a bandura, of all things? How does she do it?! Tune in to find out, and along the way, meet your new favorite Ukrainian heroes.

a beautiful depiction of Pan Kotsky by Kost Lavro, a well-known Ukrainian illustrator
WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION 1: A beautiful depiction by Kost Lavro, a well-known Ukrainian illustrator, of Pan Kotsky, the fox, and the rabbit.
A Ukrainian postal stamp from 2002, featuring Pan Kotsky!
WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION 2: A Ukrainian postal stamp from 2002 featuring Pan Kotsky!