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Vasilisa the Beautiful: A Russian Folk Tale

One of the most famous Russian fairy tales of all time, Vasilisa the Beautiful offers the story of a classic heroine. Dive right in and hear all about how Vasilisa swindles the notorious Baba Yaga with the help of her trusty doll, which possesses some extraordinary powers. Admire and sympathize with dear Vasilisa as she copes with her mother’s death and, with patience and perseverance, emerges for the better, and even finds that which is most sought after by all – love. How does Vasilisa, the fairest, humblest maiden in all of the land, manage to do it – and not to mention, win the Tsar’s hand in the process! Listen in to find out.

WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTIONS: The complete set of the illustrations of Ivan Bilibin, a renowned Russian illustrator, of the tale, all in their original Russian context. Bilibin’s iconic illustrations of Vasilisa the Beautiful propelled the tale into the world’s eye; he is, in a great respect, responsible for its fame. Can you guess who each of the characters in the depictions are after listening to the story? Comment down below!