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The Ditch of Csörsz: A Hungarian Folk Tale

Dive into this classic Hungarian folk tale and meet the valiant King Csörsz, beloved by his people and willing to do anything to be with his dear Délibáb, the fairest maiden of the land. However, Délibáb’s evil father, King Rád, states that King Csörsz may only have her hand after carrying her, by water, across the pure land between the Danube and Tisza rivers. Can King Csörsz solve this paradox? How far will he go in the pursuit of true love, and will he prevail against King Rád’s thwarts? Incidentally, the answer is not what you might think. Listen into this iconic tale and observe how love, evil, reality, and illusion intersect in the legendary Hungarian landscape – and don’t be surprised if your own dreams trickle in as you go!

WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION: A beautiful, black-and-white depiction by Willy Pogány, who illustrated the collection from which this story yields, of King Csörsz on the deck of the ship.

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  1. Anil Anil

    Great stuff Rhea.