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Reygoch: A Croatian Fairy Tale

James and the Giant Peach? Jack and the Beanstalk? The giant from this classic Croatian fairy tale rivals them all – perhaps not in wits, but most definitely in heart. Meet Reygoch, the charming giant of Frosten City, who loves unconditionally, protects fiercely, and lives contently. Despite his desire for a quiet life in his beloved hometown, Reygoch finds himself in the most wonderful of lands, and in the most difficult of plights. How will he use his strengths to protect his dear, beautiful fairy friend, Curlylocks, from harm? How will she, in turn, use her cleverness and magic to save him? Listen in, meet this dynamic duo, and you might just figure out the true tenants of friendship. 

WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION 1: A serene illustration by Vladimir Sirin, the illustrator of the collection from which this story hails, of the giant Reygoch, fast asleep at the foot of the biggest wall Curlylocks encounters in her explorations of Frosten City.
Đula’s Abyss
WEBSITE ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION 2: Đula’s Abyss, where the Croatian river Dobra meets the underground realm and recedes into cave systems. The breathtaking entrance and inspiration for the tale lies in Ogulin, a charming town in northwestern Croatia and birthplace of the author, Ivana Mažuranić.