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About Me

Hi! My name is Rhea Kapur. You can usually find me exploring the outdoors, reading the news, listening to podcasts, taking pictures, playing the piano, coding, or learning about Russian and the Slavic cultures! 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved computer science – the problem solving aspect and versatility always draws me in. At the start of high school, though, I developed a passion for studying languages after finding myself really enjoying my Spanish language class. Additionally, as an avid piano player, I’ve long studied the works of famous Russian composers, and I’ve always been curious about their background and influences. So, I began reading about them and diving even deeper into Russian music. I’ve also always been a bookworm at heart and started exploring the classics in late middle school; Russian literature offers nothing if not some of the best. From there, I decided to combine all these interests and further explore the rich history of the Russian language and Slavic cultures. I’ll be documenting that journey here, on this blog.

Some fun facts about me: I like whistling, observing the cute little squirrels that feast on my mom’s tomatoes (much to her annoyance!), and exploring libraries. I’m kind of afraid of bees (and also may be allergic to their stings, I’m not exactly sure) – but I love honey! And I’ve recently taken up rock climbing, but I also love to cook, bake, and try cool new foods (Russian recipes, sometimes!) with my friends and family.

I’m really excited to share my interests with you through this blog. Join me on the adventure! And большое спасибо за посещение! (thanks so much for stopping by!)