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Slavic Fairy Tales Podcast

Baba Yaga. Vasilisa the Beautiful. Ivan Tsarevich. Veles. Koschei the Deathless. Boginka. Kikimora. Domovoy. Vodyanoy. The Firebird. Ded Moroz. Snegurochka. Vampir. And, of course, the Tsars. These are just a few absolutely iconic characters from Slavic folklore. And with this podcast, Slavic Fairy Tales, they could become your most loved heroes and your most notorious enemies, regular figures in your imagination and the stars of your dreams.

Hi! I’m your host, Rhea Kapur, a student absolutely enchanted by the Russian language and Slavic cultures. If you haven’t come across my blog before, welcome. I absolutely love the art of storytelling and connecting with kids, so I decided to combine that with my recent growing interest in Slavic folklore and create this podcast. In it, I’ll read you all kinds of Slavic stories, passed down through the generations by babushka after babushka, told in a fiery pechka or as a little rebyonechek snuggles into bed. We’ll hear the tales of Russia, Poland, Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, and more, all with a little cultural context tidbit at the end of each show. So, every Wednesday night, grab a soft blanket, dim the lights, get cozy, and let your mind travel into the story.

Here are links to my show’s listings on all major podcast streaming platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.). And, if you scroll down further and allow browser cookies, you can see a playlist of my most recent episodes. Hope you enjoy!

До скорого, Рая!


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